Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I used to feed boo & bong pro plan lamb & rice dry dog food.
I was recommended to this brand 3 years ago & i realize it is actually quite food.
Their fur was growing well, no teeth stain & etc.
So i decided to let them continue this brand.
(fyi, i am very strict & careful towards what they eat)

At around 8 months ago, i was feeding them their dinner.
I found WORMS in their dry food, i pour the whole pack of dog food out and found MORE WORMS!
i swear i freak out & threw the whole bag away.
$$ fly, because it was 17.5 kg! 

But nothing is more important than their health.
I did a search on google and realize most of the brands face such issue.
Both dry and wet canned food.

PLEASE! DO NOT! feed your fur kids dog food anymore, it is killing them slowly.

I highly recommend you to made home cook food for your fur kids.
Food i recommend
-Carrot, Pumpkin, Sweet potato, Red & Green apple, Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Minced beef, Salmon, Baby Peas (you can choose green peas, but baby peas is much sweeter),Barley,Oatmeal, Banana. Plain non-fat yogurt, Spinach.

My way of feeding them.Choose 9 items from the list to blend.
Pack them into small containers & store in the freezer.
So when it's dinner time, throw in one portion/container into the rice & let it cook.

Homemade snacks for them
Plain popcorn!

Breakfast for them
Green & Red apple + Blueberry + banana + Yogurt.
Barley + Green apple + Blueberry + Strawberry.

I have to agree it takes time to prepare all this, but it's our duty to make sure they are healthy right?
As i am ultra busy, I always blend food enough for 7 days, so every sunday i will need to prepare their food.
PLEASE make sure you store them in freezer else the food will spoil!


Saturday, October 26, 2013


I'm back :D

It's 2.35am now, finally sometime for myself.
Have been really busy ever since i'm back from taiwan. Work just keep coming in nonstop but i don't hate it :D 

02/09/13 - 09/09/13 i was over at taipei with my mum :) Due to my work, i haven been spending quality time with her. So i decided to take a break and travel with my mum since she LOVEEEE to travel.

Taiwan is awesome. A country that i don't mind staying there forever. Basically everything there is awesome. 

9 days of holiday ended so quickly. I swear i miss taiwan ever since i came back to singapore. I have been complaining and whining to B how much i miss taiwan.

09/09/13 became one of the most important day of my life.
B & i have been together since we were 17 years old. There are times the relationship almost ended but we fought back and became stronger.

The day i flew back from taiwan. B gave me a ultra huge surprise. He proposed to me at the airport. He knew that on this day, i would want all the people i love and treasure the most to witness it.
Everyone was there except for my cousin, aunty and grandma.


I'm really very thankful for all my friends & my family. All the hard work. Traveling down all the way down to the airport at least 4 times for the whole week.

B actually hinted me to wear something nice, he kept asking if i'm wearing new clothes back & my mum kept telling me in taiwan to wear something nice. I swear i didn't even notice there is something fishy going on.

So i told them i just want to wear sometime really comfortable because it's a 5 hours flight, i don't wanna wear dress and i cannot sit the way i want to.
SOOOOOOOO... end i up i wore a shorts, t-shirt & high cut shoe.
Making things worst, the moment i board the plane, i fell asleep all the way.
Who the hell will look nice after sleeping?
Anyhow.. I was still very happy. Tears of joy.
I was tearing really badly & my stupid twin (joel) from the back shout 'aye! aye! mascara! eyeliner!'

Video is coming up real soon. It's still in the mids of editing :)

12/09/13 - My little precious left me :'(

He have been in and out the clinic because there is a small lump which doctor suspect that it is a cancer.
The night before jelly left, i was still playing with him. He was still very active.
The next morning, i walked over to his cage, i found him in his poo poo nest motionless. I cried damn badly. He love the poo poo nest i bought for him a lot . No matter where he go, the poo poo nest must follow and this little precious choose to die in the nest.

He died peacefully. VERY Peacefully. From his face, there was no struggles or pain.
Jelly, I miss you.

So far October have been quite a good month. Celebrated my mum 48th birthday :) 

Pardon for my very tired face.

I realize formspring no longer available or they have change to spring.me.
I have switch to Spring.me :)
So you guys can start asking me questions again! :)
gonna sleep now!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Was talking to mab about how many close female friends I have.

And I was really surprise by the number. Honestly, less than 5.
Its really difficult for me to trust a girl as a friend. I had too much bad experience with girls.

-bad mouth about me
-stealing things from my house
-being damn fake
-taking my kindness as weakness
-making used of me to make my friends becoming theirs.
and I can go on and on and on..

So its really difficult to find a girl as my true friend that I can share all my problems and worries.
For some, I can't with them certain topic, example my work. Because they understand the stress I'm facing is a whole new level.
When it comes to relationship problems, it's even harder to find someone that is mature enough to understand the whole situation and give you appropriate advices.I don't like it when I got relationship problem and my friend start to bad mouth about my guy. It is not helping or sharing my problems. In fact it is adding on to my problems.

But I really thank God that he gave me 2 girls that I can share with them every single things. Be it good or bad. I really love the both of them a lot and I really treasure them.
*thanks mab, thanks charis*
They are just 2 amazing special girls in my life.

"no friendship is an accident."

Thursday, July 11, 2013

help me help me

I'm heading to taiwan for a week plus on the first week of sept
BUT! I've never been to taiwan before so i need recommendation!
i have already booked my air ticket but not the hotel.

i need recommendation for hotels at taipei, tainan, hualian & etc.
ALSO! where can i eat, shop, nice scenery places, spa. 
I'm gonna travel with my mum. My mum is more of a scenery person, but i'm more of a shopping person. I even upgrade my mum's and my luggage weight limit to 35kg so i can buy more things. HAHA.

Leave the recommendation on my formspring alright? :D

I just came back from a short trip to batam with HP, twin & B. 
Twin & B was playing some stunts on the bed & B hit his head on this sharp edge frame.
Blood started dripping & i got a shock on my life.

Rushed B to the hospital after we reached singapore & the doctor don't give a shit about him because he is in the army. Most of doctors in the hospital got this mentally, army guys = CHAO KENG!(pretend to be sick for medical certificate)
The doctor never even look at his head & say there is nothing wrong with him. I was mad angry because B started talking nonsense, stare blank, laugh for nothing & cry for nothing. Fyi, he don't cry in the public. In fact, he don't cry. Making things worst, his eyes flip upwards twice & the doctor still dare to say 'there is nothing wrong with him.'
But treating B was my priority, i didn't want to waste my time fighting with the doctor, so i took him to my family doctor.
After all the check ups, found out that his brain's nerves shifted & he had a concussion.
But he is alright now :) so no worries.

I seriously don't understand the system for our local hospital. If the doctors is not going to take the army guys seriously, set a regulation. NO ARMY GUYS ALLOW.
At times, i really feel damn sad for our army guys. Serving the nation but being treated like this.
Oh wells, this is singapore. Nothing much we can do.

Felt so loved when i know i still have people reading this little space & having questions coming in on my FS.
Neglected this space for awhile as i have to concentrate on the business. I'm 23 this years, need to work hard for my future :D

So do bear with me, if i'm not updating that often as most of my time i spend it in my office, nothing interesting.

I will try to think of topics to blog about, else you can FS me any ideals :D


Tuesday, July 2, 2013


July, why are you so painful. I'm drowning.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Back on formspring ♡

I'm back on formspring!!

You guys can start asking me questions now :)


Good night!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Need a break

I'm tired.
If i can only make one wish come truth now,
I'll wish for 1-2 days getaway trip.

I have to work, i can't go off for long. 
Life is so stressful.
I don't hate my work, In fact i love what i'm doing.
I'm just mentally & physically tired.